Let us help propel your business into the next stratosphere, or just the next continent to start. 

With our vast networks, mature global strategic alliances and with headquarters in New York City, offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Berlin, Dubai, and Singapore, as well as associates in Sao Paulo, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo; SEIKOURI has people and tools in place to make your business the tour de force you want and quite possibly more than you imagine.




Explosive Growth.

We bring your business to the world, making it an international success. This is an endeavor that exceeds expectations. As serial entrepreneurs, we know what it's like to walk in a founder's shoes, so we oversee the entire journey. SEIKOURI is the engine driving your business forward. Our priority is the international and overall success of your business.
From creating and providing access to strategic alliances to customized fundraising solutions to designing business strategies and much more, we have you covered.  SEIKOURI offers an unparalleled experience with unsurpassed attention to your needs in fact our expertise is so meritorious, some might say we know your business needs before you know.



Explosive Growth.

SEIKOURI has the prowess to help develop short term and long-term strategies for your business to ensure targets are met and goals are achieved.  We design customized strategies for your unique business.
With SEIKOURI's world class team and visionary approach, we have the expertise to formulate a plan for implementing and managing change to a successful outcome. 


Planning Reliability.

Explosive Growth.

SEIKOURI finds your business the funds to capitalize business expansion and globalization. We develop customized strategies to finance growth.
This is not a one stop fits all solution.  With a proven track record of helping clients find funding and partnerships, we have a deep network within the Venture Capital and Private Equity space and constantly nurture our network ensuring access to a diverse group of investors.
We specialize in analyzing businesses, opening doors to investors, and guiding the process from preparing the pitch to receiving the check. 
After funding is in place, we have extensive experience in managing investor relationships to ensure effective communication and achieving successful fair valuation of the company. 


Competitive Advantage.

Explosive Growth.

Having a competitive advantage and gaining local credibility leads to growth. The right Strategic Alliances are key to gaining competitive advantage when taking a business international.
SEIKOURI knows the value Strategic Alliances bring in building a competitive advantage and gaining local credibility necessary for maximum growth. 
With our vast network, we provide C-level access to global strategic partners that will take your business to the next level.  From the first introduction to generating revenue streams and beyond, SEIKOURI guides you through the on-going process of building a global business and on the way enables you to manage it all independently and self-sufficiently ensuring an international triumph.


SEIKOURI is a privately held boutique strategy consulting firm, headquartered on the corner of East 41st Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, only one block away from Grand Central Terminal and Bryant Park. Founded in 2008, SEIKOURI is fully owned and operated by the management team and we are proud to say profitable since year one.

At SEIKOURI, we believe in diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace as an integral part of serving our clients and developing our people. Only the highest-performing teams, which maximize the power of different opinions, perspectives, and cultural references, will succeed in the global marketplace. Diversity is what drives better insights, better decisions, and better products. It's the backbone of innovation.

Leadership Team

Markus Brinsa

President & CEO | Founder

The goal is always to strive for the best things in life, while not doing without the good things.

Markus is in charge of international business development, alliances, and sales projects. He served in different roles in business and alliance development, sales and strategic consulting. Among others, he was Board Member at ACE TOMATO AG (IT Security Consulting), Chief Revenue Officer at Drivve LLC (Cloud DMS), Executive Senior Vice President of North America at Paessler AG (Network Monitoring), Vice President Global Alliances at Jedox AG/Inc. (BI & CPM), Advisory Board Member at pleasureGuest LLC (Hospitality), Lead Advisory Board Member at award-winning online booking technology provider APPOINTEDD/Saloca Ltd. and member of the Board of Directors at Attributy Inc. (AI-driven Campaign Optimization). Languages: English, German

Akiza Best

GM SEIKOURI Singapore Pty Ltd.

Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it.

Akiza is in charge of expanding SEIKOURI's business in Southeast Asia. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Tokyo and holds an impressive bunch of various high-level technical certifications from the IT-Security industry. During the last 10 years, she supported several North American security solution providers with their market entry in Southeast Asia. As a child, Akiza lived in Japan, Korea, China, and Brazil, before moving to Singapore at the age of 14. Languages: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, English, Portuguese.

Chad Applebaum

CFO | SVP Consulting

If you are afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside.

Ariel «Chad» Appelbaum joined SEIKOURI in January 2020.
In addition to his CFO role, Chad leads the consulting team as Senior Vice President.
Over the last 30 years, Chad developed dozens of tech businesses from startup-stage into multimillion-dollar businesses as investor, advisor, business strategy developer, M&A expert, and CFO.
Chad holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics from Columbia Business School New York. Languages: English

Jimmy Sashimoto


The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.

Jimmy specializes in mobile solutions, social collaboration and social media. He is an Apple OS X and iOS evangelist. He wears many hats including consultant, UI designer and marketing executive. Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan; Jimmy spent three years in Australia before moving to California in 1998. Jimmy was the Founder & CEO of 2100b Sausalito LLC, a consulting company specializing in Digital Strategy development, which was acquired by SEIKOURI in 2014. He holds a Master's in computer science from EECS at UC Berkeley. Languages: English, Japanese

Strategic Partners

The offering includes individual Executive Coaching as well as Training and Facilitation Sessions like Business Etiquette, Local Customs, Customer Service and Relationship Management, Leadership Development, Interpersonal Relationships and Cross-Cultural Dynamics, Stress Management, Product Roadmap, and Core Values, Culture & Happiness at Work.
Strategic Coaching is provided by ROCeteer Inc., a company that is committed to unleashing the potential of entrepreneurial ecosystems through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training. ROCeteer was founded in Las Vegas with Mark Rowland and Tony Hsieh as investors and works with individuals, teams and communities to support increasing both the Return on Community and Return on Capital of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Everything starts with an idea. Not necessarily. Often, business ideas are a combination of thoughts, experiences, visions, and things that influence us. Let us help you make sure that your business idea is a great idea. ubermutig is an independently owned digital creative agency residing in Brooklyn's "Digital DUMBO" area.

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