Strategic Consulting and Alliance Development
Business Internationalization

SEIKOURI is an international boutique consulting firm specialized in business internationalization. SEIKOURI supports tech companies and service providers from around the world with their expansion into the American, European, and Asian markets.
With offices in New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Singapore and with associates in Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, SEIKOURI covers all target markets with local, highly motivated and experienced teams.


Alliance & Partnership Development

Contacts, partnerships and alliances are key for business success. Expanding business into a new country requires relationships on a local level. It is not only about having local contacts. Often, business mentality and culture are completely different to your home country. This, combined with time differences, different languages and currencies makes it even harder to perform the first step into a new country.
SEIKOURI provides C-level access to channel and strategic partners. We present your business to these partners and guide you the whole way from first contact to first revenue - and further. 

Fundraising Strategy

Finding the right funding strategy is tricky, same as finding the right investor for your ideas. SEIKOURI is specialized in analyzing your business potentials and match them with investors interest. Depending on your business model, strategy and revenue expectations, there are always different options for capitalization. Together with you, SEIKOURI develops your funding and fundraising strategy and guides you through all steps of the funding process. 

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the platform that defines every aspect of digital initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits. A digital strategy has to be technology agnostic; strategic goals and visions cannot be corrupted by technology and technological limitations. No matter if your start with basic content marketing for SEO to engage new customers, build your brand and socialize with your partners or if you go far beyond, SEIKOURI helps you to develop the ideal Digital Strategy for your business. 

Business Strategy

You have a brilliant business idea, a stunning product or a world-changing technology. Is this enough to be successful? - No. It is a base and a good start, but it requires more to develop a solid and profitable business. The magic word is Business Strategy. A business strategy answers all the relevant questions like 'What is my target market?', 'Who are my customers?', 'Direct vs. indirect approach?', 'How can I sell and how can I deliver?' and many more. SEIKOURI supports you with your business strategy development.  

Business Development

Expanding into a new territory always requires huge efforts in business development. No matter if you are an American company, starting business overseas or a European business entering the North American market, putting people in the new geography is always protected, cost intensive and risky. SEIKOURI minimizes your costs and risks by providing business development in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. We represent your company in your new territory and give you access to the regional markets, without the need for an HR investment. 

Investor Relations

The strategic management responsibility of investor relations is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's securities achieving fair valuation. SEIKOURI takes over responsibility for these duties together with you or on your behalf to maximize communication with shareholders and investors. 

Strategic Coaching

The offering includes individual Executive Coaching as well as Training and Facilitation Sessions like Business Etiquette, Local Customs, Customer Service and Relationship Management, Leadership Development, Interpersonal Relationships and Cross-Cultural Dynamics, Stress Management, Product Roadmap, and Core Values, Culture & Happiness at Work.  

A vision without a date is called a dream.

Dreams are nice, but only work in the middle of the night.

Entrepreneurs start their business with a visions. A vision about products, a vision about customers, a vision about success. Quite often, it turns out that there is a huge gap between vision and reality. A vision lives in an ideal world. A vision does not care about sales targets, revenue streams, cash flow or shareholder value. To turn your vision into profitable business, define your mission, set objectives and goals, develop and execute a success strategy. Sell what you have. Stay focused, follow your time-lines and dates and save your vision from becoming a dream.

We help you to turn your vision into success, ensuring sweet dreams at night.


Our Mission: Make your business an international success.

SEIKOURI is a cooperation of industry veterans with strong international experiences in fields like Cloud Solutions, Cloud Technologies, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategies, Information Security, Health IT, Mobile Communication, Social Collaboration, Social Media, Document Management, Imaging & Printing, Music & Entertainment, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Investor Relationships.

Based on a well-kept and permanently growing industry network on senior executive level and on our longtime experiences with the needs of startup companies, SEIKOURI enables clients to run international business profitable and self-sufficient within 6 months in average by developing business opportunities, partnerships and alliances as well as proactively generating business streams for the client.

Privately held SEIKOURI Inc. was founded in 2008. The company is fully owned by the senior executive team.
Headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Singapore and with associates in Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, SEIKOURI covers all target regions with local and highly qualified teams.

Seems like a bad idea!

Is an idea that looks like a good idea a better bet?

Entrepreneurs do what they do to become successful or rich or famous or successful and rich and famous. They often say, “I want to build a company with products that change the world. All I need is a good idea.” But that’s not exactly right. Good ideas that look like good ideas are not changing the world. Good ideas that look like good ideas are obvious. Everyone can have them. And big companies are already working hard on good ideas that look like good ideas. So, are startups in the ideas-left-over business? Not necessarily. The best startups are good ideas that look like bad ideas. You need an idea that sounds really bad but it is not actually that bad. It is brilliant. It’s just that most people can’t see it - except you. Draw two intersecting circles, one labels “good ideas” and the other one “seems like a bad idea”. The intersection of both is the sweet spot for startups.

Let us help you to identify the idea Sweet Spot.


Contacts - The missing piece in your business?

You are screwed without the right contacts.

You have a brilliant idea. You have an award-winning product. Nevertheless, you have no recognizable sales.
You ask yourself ‘Why?’ - Well, you have no clients to sell to. Let's fix it.
Develop a sales plan. Identify your target markets, the channels you want to sell thru and potential partners for getting access to different vertical markets. Most importantly, you need a good strategy about how to get in touch with all the relevant people. Sounds difficult? Actually, it is.
Question: 'Why are my competitors successful with theses clients?'. The answer is simple. They know their contact people for ages. You are new in this business but you need the same level of relationship with your potential clients as your competitors.
Here is the solution. Use SEIKOURI Business Development Directors who already have the necessary relationships. Let us do the job for you. SEIKOURI Business Directors work under your flag. They introduce you to your client's most important contacts. They establish solid relationships with clients and partners on your behalf. They generate business opportunities for you and close your deals. Contact us today. It's not a disgrace to ask for help!

It is a disgrace to miss opportunities because you are too proud to ask for help.


Strategic Coaching


The offering includes individual Executive Coaching as well as Training and Facilitation Sessions like Business Etiquette, Local Customs, Customer Service and Relationship Management, Leadership Development, Interpersonal Relationships and Cross-Cultural Dynamics, Stress Management, Product Roadmap, and Core Values, Culture & Happiness at Work.
Strategic Coaching is provided by ROCeteer Inc., a company that is committed to unleashing the potential of entrepreneurial ecosystems through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training. ROCeteer was founded in Las Vegas with Mark Rowland and Tony Hsieh as investors and works with individuals, teams and communities to support increasing both the Return on Community and Return on Capital of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Business Ideas


Everything starts with an idea. Not necessarily. Often, business ideas are a combination of thoughts, experiences, visions and things that influence us. Let us help you making sure that your business idea is a great idea.

ubermutig is an independently owned digital creative agency residing in Brooklyn's "Digital DUMBO" area.

Unreachable on Vacation?

Think twice before setting up "out of office" reply.

Isn’t it absolutely boring reaching out to somebody only to get an automated “out of office” reply? And what it is supposed to mean? “I am not open for opportunities?” or “Currently, I don't care about business?”
Of course, everyone needs quality time with friends, family and loved ones but the question really is, do you have to advertise it?
We are living in a 24/7/365 world. Your international business never stops. While you go to bed, your customers on the other end of the world are on the way to their offices. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't sleep or that you shouldn't go on vacation but telling the world that you are off for a certain amount of time and, even worse, that you don't have access to email or voice mail is crazy. No one should ever announce to be closed off to opportunities. As a successful entrepreneur, you know that you are never really “out of the office”. You constantly think about your customers. You are always plugged in wherever you go.

Organize your day and be open to every opportunity.


What is your investment strategy?

Bootstrapping vs. Venture Funding

We often meet entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their companies instead of seeking for venture capital or entrepreneurs who are seeking for venture capital even if bootstrapping is the best strategy for their business.
Fundraising strategy is as important for long term success as the right business strategy. Do you have big ideas that generate double-digit millions of revenue within the first years and the business requires millions to get the company to break even? In this case, you should probably seek for venture capital. If your have a small business that requires little capital to move the company to a positive cash flow position, business is best financed with as little outside capital as possible.
Do you have a business that requires a significant amount of capital while it is not poised to become a large business? Well, in this case it will be hard to find a viable funding source. In this case, it might better to go a few steps back an review your business strategy. No matter what category of business you have, SEIKOURI supports you with your funding strategy and guides you through the funding process.

Business Success Criteria:   Clear Business Model - Executable Growth Plan - Revenue




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