Planning Reliability.

Explosive Growth.

SEIKOURI finds your business the funds to capitalize business expansion and globalization. We develop customized strategies to finance growth.
This is not a one stop fits all solution.  With a proven track record of helping clients find funding and partnerships, we have a deep network within the Venture Capital and Private Equity space and constantly nurture our network ensuring access to a diverse group of investors.
We specialize in analyzing businesses, opening doors to investors, and guiding the process from preparing the pitch to receiving the check. 
After funding is in place, we have extensive experience in managing investor relationships to ensure effective communication and achieving successful fair valuation of the company. 

Funding. Planning Reliability.
Explosive Growth. Bring your business to the world and make it an international success.

Author: Markus Brinsa

SEIKOURI's ability to secure funding and develop customized strategies for financing business growth and globalization can significantly support your expansion efforts. Here is what we do in this area.

Funding strategies.

SEIKOURI understands that financing growth is critical to business expansion. We work closely with you to develop customized funding strategies aligning with your goals and needs. Whether raising capital for market entry, scaling operations, or supporting international expansion, SEIKOURI formulates strategies tailored to your business to ensure you have the necessary funds for growth.

Extensive network.

SEIKOURI has a deep network within the Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) space. We continually nurture and expand this network, ensuring access to diverse investors. This broad reach allows us to identify and connect you with potential funding sources that align with your business objectives. Our relationships within the investment community open doors to investors who may be interested in financing your expansion plans.

Investor analysis and pitching process.

SEIKOURI specializes in analyzing and preparing businesses for investor engagement. We thoroughly assess your business model, financials, growth potential, and market positioning. Based on this analysis, we help you prepare a compelling pitch highlighting your value proposition and growth prospects. SEIKOURI guides you through the pitching process, ensuring that your pitch effectively communicates your business's potential and resonates with potential investors.

Investor relationship management.

Once funding is secured, SEIKOURI's experience in managing investor relationships becomes valuable. We understand the importance of maintaining effective communication with investors and managing expectations. We assist you in fostering strong relationships with investors, providing updates on business performance, and addressing any concerns that may arise. Our expertise in investor relationship management helps create a positive rapport, leading to successful collaboration and continued support.

Fair valuation.

SEIKOURI also supports fair valuation of your company during the funding process. We bring our expertise in assessing business value and negotiating with investors to ensure that you receive an equitable valuation. Our knowledge of market dynamics and investor expectations helps optimize the valuation outcome and protect your business's interests.

Proven track record

SEIKOURI has a track record of successfully helping clients secure funding and establish partnerships. Our experience and expertise in the funding landscape give us insights into practical strategies and best practices. We leverage this experience to guide you through the funding process, increasing the likelihood of securing the necessary capital for your business expansion.