New York, NY    2015-01-19

SEIKOURI launches new designed website

Celebrating the 7th birthday of the company, SEIKOURI, Inc. is happy to announce the launch of it's re-designed website for the domains and The new site uses latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Mobile device support is one of the key improvements. Content is managed by a Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS).
"The CMS is an in-house development," says Markus Brinsa, SEIKOURI's President & CEO. "After reviewing standard applications, we came to the conclusion that an in-house development would best serve our quite rudimentary needs, not to forget that we have the resources in our team anyway."
And Jimmy Sashimoto, SEIKOURI's VP Marketing & Digital Strategies adds: “We will continue working on our CMS but more as a fun project for the team. Maybe one day, we will offer it to one of our clients.” For the best user experience, the website design is responsive and all graphic objects (except the photographs, of course) are vector graphics, which gives them a crisp and clear view no matter if users zoom in or use the website in full-screen mode.


SEIKOURI is an international consulting company specialized in business internationalization. SEIKOURI supports European software vendors and service providers with their business expansions into the North American market. SEIKOURI also advises American technology companies in fields of alliances and partner development in EMEA and Southeast Asia.
Privately held SEIKOURI Inc. was founded in 2008. The company is fully owned by the executive team. Headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York City and with offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Singapore, SEIKOURI covers all targeted regions with local and an high qualified teams.

Press & Media Contact: Deborah Reynolds, (917) 546-7345, press[at]


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