New York, NY    2015-04-02

SEIKOURI secures trademarks for

In preparation of founding, a creative idea development company, SEIKOURI Inc. secured all rights and trademarks on "ubermutig" and "".
The business kickoff for is scheduled for January 2016. will focus on the development of business and product ideas for SEIKOURI clients but also for SEIKOURI's future businesses.

The name "ubermutig" comes from the German word "übermütig" but the umlauts have been removed for international business. "übermütig" means coltish, boisterously, carefree.
The idea for this German based name comes from SEIKOURI President & CEO Markus Brinsa. "I cannot hide my German roots and after several German words with umlauts had become very popular in English - like Uber for instance - I was searching for other cool words, looking for something with a meaning that suits with out new business," Markus said.

In October time frame, SEIKOURI will share more information about the new business including names of the C-suite team.


SEIKOURI is an international consulting company specialized in business internationalization. SEIKOURI supports European software vendors and service providers with their business expansions into the North American market. SEIKOURI also advises American technology companies in fields of alliances and partner development in EMEA and Southeast Asia.
Privately held SEIKOURI Inc. was founded in 2008. The company is fully owned by the executive team. Headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York City and with offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Singapore, SEIKOURI covers all targeted regions with local and an high qualified teams.

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